Our Story

From Chicagoland to Tucson he drove. Spending nights in storm stricken one neighborhood towns in the panhandle, he made his way to the Sonoran desert.

Now he's back to write more songs.

From the acoustic based leanings of Joshua McCormack presents Holiday Girl, to the raw ballads and theatrical epics of The Funeral of the Siren, to the electronic/rock/pop/blues/folk hybrid of The Phantom King, he's always pushed himself in new directions of both songwriting and sound.

His upcoming release, Dark Corners of the Night, blends the variety found on his previous three albums into a journey through mood punk, stomp blues, machine pop, psychedelic sing-alongs, vocoder love songs, and hopeful ballads of longing and leaving. Through it all, his supple voice and way with words invites the listener deeper into his world.