Lights Out for Baby Grand

Fear the Dark

While my castle burns please do not hassle me

Yeah, we're safe on the street, but we lost everything

All my dogs are dead, my memories are melting

All that's in my head is my only thing

And, as nighttime falls, beauty breaks my tears

Sky-clad under stars, hiding all my years


If you want to love, don't expect returns

If you want to try, do it til it burns

If you need to laugh, do it til you bleed

If you want to cry, do it til you sleep

Cause I'm nobody's fool, but everybody's clown

Forever hold my breath, but I will never drown


If you need to breathe, you need to open wide

If you want to leave, first you come inside

If you want to fly, you need to fall first

If you want to lie, you need the truth to hurt

But if you want to burn, you need a little spark

And if you want to learn, you need to fear the dark


Powder Keg

When the night dies a painful death

when it's walking down the dark paths of regret

there's a killer on every corner

waiting with a little spark

we are just her latest mark

cause you and I are a powder keg

when the party's over, we wobble on two legs

and the slightest look, that fuse sparkles in the dark

too much to hold back the madness in the parking lot

words like fire burning through our hearts

we're lost in the inferno

ashes from the start

blanket statements, ad hominem attacks

our faces are blood-red, but the mood is vantablack


so strike a match, light the powder keg

two giant egos

they ain't too proud to beg

and all these desires come together at one time

too much evidence to carry away from the crime

gaze upon me

I am your house in flames

a screaming inferno crying out your name

don't call the fireman

you need to flood the plain

I'm hiding in our bedroom

I'm lost in smoke and haze


every crack spreads, let's keep it together

every joint breaks, we can keep it together

every flame dies, let's light it together

every house falls, let's keep it together


when the night sinks from memory again

do you write the stories as you wish they'd been?

Dark Corners of the night

Beelzebub Jones


Some days 

I can feel the horns growing 

Some days 

I wake in a house of mirrors 

most are concave 


none are crystal clear 

did you see the witches in the woods? 

did you see the witches in the woods? 


just be patient in the mazes 

sometimes the path leads you to the strangest places 

I see snakes in the garden 

I hear wolves in the walls 

in the cellar there's a doorway leading straight into hell 

but I hardly ever go down there 

no, hardly at all 


my view 

staring out from this black pit 

what do I miss living in the abyss? 

try hard not to smash a fragile piece 

cloven hooves tap dance on thin glass sheets 

we're standing on a jenga tower collapsing 

the golden gate is breaking loose 

someday the sun the moon the stars will all fall around our heads 

is it a future that we're given 

or a sickness we choose? 


dirty ground hold me down 

angel of light 

my head hurts so bad tonight 

and they're coming from the east 

and they're coming from the west 

from the belly of the beast 

from the sparrow's empty nest 

tell the children that they ought to settle down 

tell the children that they ought to settle down 


one day 

we'll break through these mental fetters 

instead of breaking we get better 

one day 

we'll step out from our house of horrors 

finally start moving forward

The Phantom King

Galaxy of Doom

two way mirrors line the paranoia city

too much meat and not enough plates

when the black hole sucks all the life from your party

speak clearly in the mic at the pearly gates

fists held high as we face the flood

pinch hit mobs throw buckshot stones

washed in the water and stained in the blood

tower to the sky but we're stripped to the bone

galaxy of doom

spindle-legged star

melt into my arms

I'm slipping in the dark

make me a believe in the words of modern man

make me a believer in the hands of fate again

I stare at the stars and no one stares back

you put your tiny life in my hands

oh my god, it eats me alive

elusive dreamer, with the universe unplanned

make me a believer in those ghostly words again

if he speaks soft to you tell him I miss him like hell

I'm hiding underneath my umbrella

oh my god, it eats me alive


The Birth of a Star

my new bride, you wonder what the heavens plan for you

do signs align tonight for you?

when forces from beyond slam matter together

collapsing into one

the birth of a star is a curious thing

the dust clears, it's brighter than you've ever seen

so hallelu, my baby blue is a new star


wise men wandered through the sky for centuries

searching for the earth's reprise

a world born, an unknown form

some kind of new experience revolving in the night

the birth of a star is a dangerous thing

few souls get close enough to see

so hallelu, my baby blue is a new star


a new life, a universe

like fantastic voyagers, new lands to explore

and every night, and every day

another cosmic miracle

this planetary life support

the birth of a star is a marvelous thing

I never know until I saw it happening

so hallelu, my baby blue is  a new star

The Funeral of the Siren

The Funeral of the Siren

perplexed lady miss shipwreck

finally laid to rest

a native ritual, a parable, a hunter's soft caress

all those maritime vanishings get pinned on the one

who dared to sing in the sun

teenage boys that fell in her trance

made her lies into a dance

can you hear the words of the songs you've never heard?

at the funeral of the siren nobody dared to sing


pandemonium possessed a natural woman's face

an elegant silence, a vulgar modern age

her last known portrait lost

in the maelstrom between hope and holocaust

onlookers armed

black suits and pride

feign respect while they laugh inside

bury her mystique

her ashes to the sea

at the funeral of the siren


as the throng trickles on that scene

her death rattle turns melody

madness takes a form

a shudder, then a storm

at the funeral of the siren

miles beyond the screams

two lovers touch their dreams

at the funeral of the siren

nobody dared to sing